FAQ Before Your Moving Day: Personal Touch Movers answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

~ How will you protect our home from damage on moving day?
All doors, entry ways, floors, and railings will be protected with pads, cardboard, rug runners, and masonite. We take moving your belongings seriously and go to extreme measures to protect your home.

~ Do I need to pack lamps and their shades?
Yes, these items are extremely fragile. If lamps and shades are not packed, we would kindly ask you to ship them in your vehicle.  We can move floor lamps without packing as long as the shades are removed.

~ Should I pack my dresser drawers?
If items in your dresser drawers are not fragile there is no need to pack them. Clothes and linens tend to travel just fine in their drawers.  Heavy items should be removed from dresser drawers.

~ Can you move our plants?
Generally, the answer is "yes".  Please keep in mind that some states do not allow the entry of plants.

~ How many estimates would you recommend that we get?
We suggest getting at least three estimates. If one seems "off base" it is probably not a reliable estimate.

~ I consider my moving job a small job.  Would you still give me an estimate?
Some moving companies will not come out and give you an estimate for small jobs. Reliable estimates are impossible to provide if the items to be moved are not seen. Be sure to get an in-home estimate from any movers you are considering, even if you or they consider it a small job.

~ When is the busiest time of year for movers?
The summer months between mid-May and mid-September are the busiest months for movers. The beginning and end of each month are also the busiest time of the month for movers.

~ What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  We require you pay with a certified check on out-of-town moves.  All payment is requested on the day of your move.

~ Do you disassemble and reassemble beds and mirrors?
Yes, we will disassemble/reassemble all furniture that needs special attention for safe travel. Keep in mind that some furniture requires professionals for disassembling/reassembly; pool tables are a good example. We can put you in contact with 3rd party professionals that can help with such items.

~ What about my appliances?
We can move your appliances. Most washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators need to be serviced before moving day.  We cannot disconnect water lines to the refrigerator or washing machine, and we cannot disconnect appliances that operate on gas.

~ I have a waterbed, can you move that?
We have no problem moving your waterbed.  We will even disassemble your waterbed as long as it has been drained before moving day.

~ Are there any items that you cannot safely transport?
Yes, we do not transport flammable/explosive products i.e. gas, kerosene, propane. Of course, we do not transport contraband or illegal substances.

~ Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Our number is NCUC-C2543.  We have liability and cargo insurance.